IS Case 130: Gastric Diverticulum

Daniel Ginat, MD

Imaging Sciences URMC 2008
Publication Date: 2009-05-21


Patient is a 61-year-old female with abdominal pain.


Gastric diverticulum posterior to fundus of stomach.


Gastric Diverticulum


Gastric diverticula are uncommon congenital abnormalities that most frequently arise from the posterior wall of the fundus, near the GE junction. Identification of mucosal folds and a connecting stalk suggest the diagnosis. On upper GI series, changes in the size and configuration of the diverticula may be observed. On CT, gastric diverticula may be confounded with a left adrenal mass (adrenal pseudotumor). Other diagnostic considerations include gastric ulcer and partial gastric diverticula, in which the serosa is intact.

Gastric diverticula are generally asymptomatic incidental findings, although bleeding sometimes occurs.


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