IS Case 376: Right lung nodule - 3 mm

Nate Johnson, MD

2009 URMC Imaging Sciences
Publication Date: 2010-03-02


Patient is a 56-year-old male presenting to the emergency room status post-trauma and cardiac arrest. CT scan of chest was ordered to look for injury.


Axial CT through the chest in lung windows demonstrated a 3mm pulmonary nodule in the right lower lobe.


Right lung nodule - 3 mm


Pulmonary nodules are frequently encountered in patients during assessment for unrelated pathology. The clinical dilemma is when should follow up CT be obtained for these lesions. One commonly utilized system is the Fleischner Criteria:

See Image 2 for Diagram

Low Risk: No smoking or risk factors/history of malignancy.

High Risk: Smoking history or history of malignancy/other reason for lung cancer.


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