IS Case 423: Cystic meningioma

Daniel Ginat, MD, MS

University of Rochester

Imaging Sciences URMC 2010
Publication Date: 2010-08-27


Patient is a 64-year-old female with left-sided weakness.


On CT there is a large mixed cystic and solid lesion within the right frontal lobe. On MRI the lesion is mostly cystic and contains an enhancing solid component.


Cystic meningioma


Cystic meningiomas represent an unusual form of a relatively common brain tumor. These are further differentiated into "true" intratumoral cystic meningiomas and meningiomas with peritumoral cysts. "True" cystic meningiomas are exceedingly rare and are characterized by the presence of neoplastic meningeal cells lining a fluid-filled cavity. Such cysts are believed to form either as a result of degenerative changes, secondary to ischemia and necrosis, or due to copious fluid secretion. Peritumoral cysts are perhaps more frequent and contain high protein content, but are of uncertain etiology. In either case, these entities are of significance because of the increased mass effect and represent a potential imaging diagnostic dilemma. Indeed, the differential diagnosis includes cystic metastases, glioblastoma, and hemangioblastoma. However, features that might suggest the diagnosis include a dural tail with meningeal blood supply, and tumor location. MRI is more accurate in characterizing these lesions and is more helpful for surgical planning than CT.


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