IS Case 583: Calcaneal stress fracture

Narasimhachar G. Prativadi, MD

Imaging Sciences URMC

Imaging Sciences URMC 2010
Publication Date: 2011-11-17


Patient is a 42-year-old male with left foot and ankle pain, tenderness and swelling.


New linear sclerosis of the calcaneal tuberosity oriented perpendicular to the dominant longitudinal trabeculae.


Calcaneal stress fracture


The most common appearance of a stress fracture at the calcaneus is a vertical band of sclerosis in the posterior aspect of the bone. Bone is continually remodeling itself due to stresses of daily living. Microdamage to bone is a physiologic process, but it becomes pathologic when its production greatly exceeds repair. Early radiographs are frequently normal given the degree of microscopic remodeling. The time between manifestation of symptoms and visualization on radiographs may be 1 week to several months.


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